Kayak Rentals – $10 per half hour per person

Kayak for fun, for fitness, for adventure!  Glide silently through the water under your own power.

With no previous experience you can rent a single kayak, or a double kayak with your sweetie, from our beautiful convenient location at the Foster City Lagoon.  Our friendly staff will take you to the water’s edge and provide all the instruction and directions you need to enjoy your paddle.

The San Francisco Bay Area is surrounded by water and there is no better, more convenient place for beginners to first experience this fabulous recreational resource than with a kayak at Foster City Lagoon.  Here you can quickly start your mini-adventure without the distractions of ocean tides or waves.  First ride Central Lake then explore the many quiet channels and islands of Foster City which are all near the shoreline and well protected from serious winds.

Kayaking at californiaPaddleboats is a excellent way to get some exercise, either playful or serious.  Because we are so convenient and so beautiful many locals come to exercise by kayak and stand up paddleboard every week.    It provides a great mental break as well as some good healthy physical activity.